Since 1978

25 years as a full time International Windsurfing Competitor
Sailed for Thailand in the Olympics and won South East Asian Games championships
Ladies World Freestyle Champion at age 17

For 25 years Amara travelled the world, representing her country at the highest levels of competitive, international windsurfing. Returning to run her Windsurfing and Sailing school on Jomtien Beach to save up and train for her next competition.

Her dream is now realized – to run her own School Club and Shop and share her experience in the fun and friendly atmosphere at Amara Watersports. Centered on the beautiful and reletively unspoiled beach of Naa Jomtien. Here you can enjoy that secluded island feeling, just 12km from the heart of Pattaya, 1.5 hours from Bangkok.

With storage for sails and over 100 boards, we have grown into, not only a high quality school and family venue, but also the largest supplier of Windsurfing, Stand Up Paddle-boards and Accessories in Thailand. For over 3 decades, the best part remains – the smiles of surfers returning from the water after another magic session in nature, on some of the finest equipment ever made.

SUP Paddle-board

From beginner to Race Board, we can teach you how to move nicely on the water

SUP – Stand UP Paddle

Like Cycling on the Ocean, SUP is an effective way to build a strong and dynamically balanced body, while having so much fun you forget your even training.

The joy of surfing, the versatility of kayaking without the weight, SUP brings you the primordial regal-ness of Standing on your own two feet and essentially walk freely on any body of water, anywhere.

SUP is the work-out, without the work, the speed of the wave, the glide on flat water, the mystery around the next river-bend. It takes babies about a year to learn to walk on two legs. With SUP, on flat water, it takes about 20min. to re-visit those skills so that you can effectively run on water – develop it just a little further and you can join a race, do yoga, play polo, go fishing or catch your first wave

SUP teaches us that by remaining supple and attentive to our dynamic environment, balance can be maintained while powering towards our goals.

Wether you like to race, or ride alone, by joining our Performance SUP Training sessions, you will sculpt the body of your dreams through short powerful work-outs on the water.

SUP LESSONS and Rental

1 hour Board and Paddle hire – 350THB or 3,000THB for block of 10 hours

1 hour Carbon or RaceBoard and Paddle hire – 500THB or 4,000THB for block of 10hours

1 hour board hire with 30 min basic lesson, Thai Instructor 600THB/person

1 hour board hire with 60 min coaching/lesson, English Instructor 1,000THB/person

To Join our Basic or Performance Paddle Training Sessions – please connect on Facebook or join the newsletter at bottom of the page. Or please shoot us an email and book a lesson to get started right away

SUP – Paddle-Board and Kayak Storage


Hobie Islandor similar sized vessels 10,000THB/year or 1,000THB/month

At Amara Watersports, there are no  membership fees, rental or storage includes use of showers and rigging area.


Windsurfing  “The ocean becomes a skate park, awesome gear, you, the waves and the wind, thats the freedom wer’e talking about – no strings attached” – Amara Watersports

We have been teaching people from around the world to windsurf and sail in Thailand for over 30 years, and it just keeps getting better.

Windsurfing equipment is simple and lasts for many years. The new boards and sails make it fun to teach, learn and play in Thailand’s year round warm water.

The Experience of windsurfing is extremely direct and responsive, yet it remains a very safe sport that does not require much room to launch and land so does not interfere with other beach users. We teach the basics of windsurfing in your first 1 hour session. You do not have to be strong to begin, but windsurfing certainly will make you a more resilient and tenacious person.

Windsurfing lessons teach the rider to fully understand and cooperate with the forces of nature in the moment. It is a study in efficiency, where diligence and calm application are rewarded with blistering speed and a wonderfuly direct responsiveness and feeling of aliveness.


Level 1 Windsurfing Course – 5 hours of Beginner Equipment hire, with 2 x hours of instruction – 3,000THB.  This is normally used at 1 hour per day, but you can do more in one day if you wish.

  •  Beginner Windsurfing Rental Equipment – Starboard Start, Rio Longtail or Go Boards – Dacron Sails- 500THB/hour or 4,000THB for a block of 10 hours
  •  Intermediate Windsurfing Rental Equipment – All non Carbon Boards – Dacron or Synergy Sails- 600THB/hour or 5,000THB for a block of 10 hours
  •  Advanced Windsurfing Rental Equipment – All Boards – NCX Sails- 700THB/hour or 6,000THB for a block of 10 hours
  •  10 Hour Blocks can be used in 30min. intervals and are valid for 2 years.
  •  Instructor Only – 400THB/hour
  • View Basic Windsurfing Course in Japanese
  • View Basic Windsurfing Course in Thai

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Store a set of Windsurfing Gear 9,500THB/Year or 1000THB/month. Extra rig or board 4,500THB/year or 500THB/month

At Amara Watersports, there are no  membership fees, rental or storage includes use of showers and rigging area.

Windsurfing Shop

We are the dealers for Starboard, Avanti, Severne, Chinook, Aeron and other Top Brands, we supply from our shop and also to other Clubs and Resorts that have Watersports in Thailand.


Na Jomtien (south of Pattaya)

Blue Lagoon, next to THE VIEW restaurant
23/4 M2 Soi Najomtien 14
Najomtien Sattahip
Chonburi 20250  Thailand


Thai: 063 824 2455

English/Thai: +66 (0) 99 239 3642

Where to stay


Please book direct with – Lemon Grass Hotel – B2 Jomtien – Baan Nam Moa Resort –  These places range from 690 -2,000THB/night

or email to Baan Pond Fah – for new rooms very close for only 650THB/night – – 095 615 5441